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content filter (CF)

Content filtering(CF) is a filtering technique that refers to the content, the content, and filters out unwanted content. The technology is used in conjunction withfirewalls and data loss prevention( DLP) andchecks data traffic in terms of textual and pictorial content, for example, to block websites with undesirable content or content that is harmful to minors, but also to analyze data streams that go out of companies and cause data loss. When websites are accessed, they have the function of web filters.

Content filters search the data streams for keywords, for specific file types or suspicious e-mail attachments. They monitor the transitions between the Internet and corporate networks, thereby increasing content security. When connected directly to the Internet, they are installed on the client.

With this technology, companies and organizations prevent their employees from surfing privately or accessing websites that glorify violence or have criminal content. They prevent data leakage by blocking data that may only be used within the company from being transferred. Although content filters can be equipped with many selection criteria, the context of the content cannot always be assigned to an undesirable website. Therefore, content filters are being equipped with artificial intelligence.

A special type of content filtering are upload filters, which check the content of informationuploaded to a website.

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