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content placement

Content placement is the targeted integration of content from an institution, a company or a political party into a website with exclusive information. Content placement belongs to PR activities and benefits from the seriousness and credibility of the website on which the content is placed.

The sponsored content - texts or multimedia presentations - is linked to the sponsor's website, which enhances the sponsor's image, increases its number of visitors through clicks and improves its rank.

With content placement, reports and entire series can be written and placed. The remuneration is not based on the number of clicks. As a PR measure, which is usually initiated by PR agencies, it is remunerated with a fixed amount. Decisive for the success of content placement is not only the content and its topicality and editorial orientation, but above all the placement of the content. The content placed must represent added value for the user without the user recognizing that it is targeted sponsorship.

Examples of content placement are the posting of car tests on car dealer websites, or travel reports with detailed descriptions of hotels, etc.

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