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cooperative intelligent transport system (automotive) (C-ITS)

Cooperative Intelligent Transport System (C-ITS) is a technology used in Europe for connected driving. In North America, DSRC is used instead of C-ITS. C-ITS describes a technology in which vehicles can communicate with each other and with infrastructure components such as radio beacons: Car-to-X.

C-ITS is a cooperative intelligent transportation system (IST) that provides drivers with additional information beyond what they see and what vehicle sensors detect. Such a system, in which vehicles and infrastructure components exchange traffic information, serves to improve road safety.

The C-ITS platform is based on the WLAN standard802.11p and uses the frequency range at 5.9 - GHz. Alternatively, LTE-V(Vehicle) from 3GPP can also be used for communication. The information exchange of C-ITS relates to traffic situations, congestion, weather conditions and road conditions; it includes notifications of emergency operations by police and emergency medical services, as well as wrong-way drivers or obstructing vehicles. Any other applications for car-to-car communication( C2C) and car-to-infrastructure( C2I) can be developed for the C-ITS platform.

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