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Inprogram and computer technology, a crash is the sudden, completely unexpected termination of a program. A crash or abort can be the program crash of a user program or the operating system.

A program crash can have a negative effect in that often the last data from the caches could not be written to the hard disk or the write operations could not be executed completely.

Bluescreen with crash hint at Abnormal End (evening)

Bluescreen with crash hint at Abnormal End (evening)

A program crash can lead to data loss and defects in the executed file. Program crashes can be caused by protection violations, for example when programs overwrite data in memory. These protection violations are called General Protection Faults( GPF) under Windows. On the other hand, faulty hardware or software can also lead to an Abnormal End( Abend). Since the message is displayed on a blue background during severe crashes, this is also referred to as a bluescreen.

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