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Cryptojacking is an attack technique on computers that uses their computing power. The attackers use a crypto code to attack the central processors and make them calculate for them.

Attacks using cryptojacking can have similar goals as attacks using ransomware. As a rule, they use the processors of the attacked computers for their purposes. Thus, for mining for the cryptocurrencyBitcoin, or for other cryptocurrencies. Unlike malware or cryptolockers, cryptojacking does not lock files or block processors, it does not encrypt, steal or corrupt data. It is about computing power and its use. Users are affected insofar as they can no longer access the entire computing power of their computers. The load on the processors increases rapidly, the devices work much slower and under full load.

Users whose computers are affected by cryptojacking should uninstall the affected app or browser extension, check the processor load and the charging cycles of the batteries.

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