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data medium exchange

Cashless data medium exchange (DTA) is a standardized procedure for electronic payment transactions.

The data medium exchange procedure was agreed by the Central Credit Committee(ZKA) in the mid-1970s and is used for the paperless exchange of files containing payment advices stored on magnetic tapes, compact discs, memory cards or other media. The transfer can also take place by means of remote data transmission. The corresponding file format is the DTA or DTAUS format, and the corresponding format for foreign payment transactions is the DTAZV format.

Data for the data medium exchange procedure can equally occur with private customers, but they are mainly generated in the accounting and personnel departments of companies. This is the case for offline entry of accounting vouchers, remittance advices, standing orders, and employee salary and wage slips. Since the data format is standardized, an exchange with different institutions does not cause any compatibility problems.

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