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data security

Data security is understood to mean legal regulations and technical measures designed to prevent the unauthorized storage, processing and disclosure of data worthy of protection.

The aim of data security is to protect the personal rights of individuals from the consequences of the collection of their individual data during manual and automatic data processing. Within a company, this includes personnel, organizational and auditing regulations, as well as device and program protection mechanisms. Data protection, data integrity and data backup form the basis for reliable information processing.

In Germany, data protection is anchored in the Federal Data Protection Act(BDSG) by the "Act on Protection against Misuse of Personal Data in Data Processing" of January 27, 1977. Commercial or government computer users with data requiring protection must appoint data protection officers. In addition, Germany has the Federal Data Protection Act of June 19, 1992, which states that "anyone who processes personal data electronically for themselves or on behalf of others must take appropriate measures to prevent the loss and misuse of such data."

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