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data type

The data type describes the range of values of variables with which procedures work and which can be defined and manipulated. There are numeric data types and Boolean, alphanumeric, abstract, elementary and user-defined. Certain standard data types are used in programming languages, such as integer, character, float, string, boolean and pointer.

Data types define which operations are safe for creating, transforming and using variables in other arithmetic operations. Programming languages in which variables can only be used for certain data types are typed as sustainable and prevents errors. In contrast, programming languages are typed as chess if variables of one data type can be used like a variable of another data type.

The numeric data type knows only pure numeric values. If the variable works only with integer values, then it is an integer data type, which is processed as a two or four byte data type. If a data type uses numeric values with decimal places, then it is a numeric data type with a floating point number.

The Boolean data type is a special form of the integer data type. However, it knows only two values: "0" and "1".

The alphanumeric data types are called characters, strings or string variables.

Abstract data types are independent of the hardware and programming language of a computer system. Abstract data types are abstract because only the functionality is important and not the internal organization, which is masked.

A primitive data type is a basic data type for programming languages. It is not decomposable and provides the basis for complex data types that build on it. All operations can be traced back to the simple data type. The complex data type is composed of primitive data types and is based on the requirements of the corresponding programming language.

A user-defined data type is characterized by the fact that it contains data types of the respective programming languages. Variables with elementary data type are characterized by the fact that elementary data types can hold exactly one value.

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