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depth of inheritance tree (DIT)

So-called software metrics, which quantify different properties of software products and processes, are used to measure software products. When measuring software, an object-oriented metric takes into account the summary of data structures and the methods applicable to them to form an object, its relationships to other objects and the general structural features of object-oriented programming( OOP).

The metric after Depth OF Inheritance Tree (DIT) is to be classified into the group of the measures, which are based on inheritance hierarchies and defined thereby particularly a measure for the classes standing by inheritance together in relation.

DIT definition: Depth of Inheritance Tree (DIT) is the maximum path length from the root to the class under consideration. Especially in the case of multiple inheritance, the maximum path length is of interest, because it builds a complex inheritance hierarchy. The shown class diagram defines the static parts of a system of classes with their associations and methods.

Example class diagram

Example class diagram

Example class diagram: DIT(A)=0 and DIT(G)=1 and DIT(H)=2

Application: Mainly in connection with the testability and maintainability of software. The more superclasses exist the more complex a class is to be understood and treated. Changes in superclasses may also have an effect on the class under consideration.

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