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In general, desktop is the surface of the desk. InPC technology, this term is tangential to the hardware and software ofpersonalcomputers (PCs).

  1. In terms of construction, a desktop PC is a personal computer in a flat cuboid case or mini tower that is placed on the office desk and usually has the monitor on or next to it.
    Components of a personal computer (PC), photo:

    Components of a personal computer (PC), photo:

    There are various versions of desktop computers such as the barebone, the mini PC, the all-in-one PC( AiP) or the nettop, or mobile versions such as the laptop, notebook, netbook or tablet PC. The computing power of desktops is determined by the motherboard with the processors and the RAM, and the operation is determined by the graphical user interface. The graphics functionality can be realized by graphics cards and the network or WLAN connections by network cards. Desktops are equipped with a hard disk or a solid-state drive. They have DVD drives and many interfaces for peripheral devices. The operating system controls the operating process.
  2. The term desktop is also used for a graphical user interface that emulates the functionality of a desktop.
    Desktop with application programs (detail)

    Desktop with application programs (detail)

    It is typically window-oriented and the operator can call up and exit functions and programs using icons and pictograms. The desktop simulates desktop functionality.
  3. In terms of applications, desktop applications refer exclusively to locally executed applications. As if the computer were a single-user system. Only through open interfaces can the desktop applications become network applications.
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