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diffusion network

In diffusion networks, messages are spread evenly over a transmission medium. A message can thus reach many subscribers simultaneously, in extreme cases all of them.

Examples of diffusion networks are all radio systems with the transmission medium "air" and all LANs in bus topology. Since a broadcast can reach all subscribers (stations) in a single operation, so to speak, diffusion networks are also referred to as broadcast networks. If only one or a few addressees are to be reached, they must decide themselves on the basis of the addressing whether they want to process a message further or not. Since all participants can always hear everything, confidential messages are subject to encryption before they can be sent on a diffusion network.

One problem with diffusion networks is regulating the mutual exclusion of transmitters, since generally only one station is allowed to transmit at a time. In addition to the diffusion network, another manifestation of a network structure is the subnetwork.

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