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digital cordless telephony (mobile communications) (DCT)

Digital cordless telephony (DCT) is the term used in the USA and Asia to describe digital cordless telephony, corresponding to the European DECT.

Characteristics of Digital Cordless Telephony (DCT)

Characteristics of Digital Cordless Telephony (DCT)

The DCT standard corresponds to the Bluetooth standard in many specifications. In contrast to Bluetooth, DCT is designed for voice communication over distances of up to 300 meters. It operates with 94 channels in an 864- kHz frequency grid and is based on Frequency Division Multiple Access( FDMA), Time Division Multiple Access( TDMA) and Time Division Duplex( TDD). The data rate is 576 kbit/s; modulation is with Gaussian Frequency Shift Keying( GFSK). The transmit power is 200 mW, the receive sensitivity -83 dBm.

The frequency hopping method( FHSS) works with 100 hops per second.

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