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digital mobile radio (DMR)

Digital Mobile Radio (DMR) is the digital variant of Private Mobile Radio( PMR). It is a license- and permit-free digital professional radio. It was standardized by the European Telecommunications Standards Institute( ETSI) in 2006 and the frequency band of 446 MHz, on which analog Private Mobile Radio also transmits, was made available by the German Federal Network Agency.

DMR radio is a digital voice radio. Transmission is duplex using the TDMA method with a channel width of 12.5 kHz. In packet-oriented data transmission, the data rates are 9.8 kbit/s. Alternatively, the FDMA method with frequency division multiplexing is used. In total, DMR has a system capacity of 160 channels. The range of DMR radio is several kilometers.

Digital Mobile Radio (DMR), Photo: Motorola

Digital Mobile Radio (DMR), Photo: Motorola

DMR radio offers broadcasting, it supports emergency call, priority call, has short data transmission and IP data transmission. Due to the digital transmission technology, the DMR radio is of better quality than the analog Private Mobile Radio. The communication is better and the transmission is more noise-free.

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