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digital multimedia broadcast (MPEG) (DMB)

DigitalMultimedia Broadcast (DMB), a broadcast service standardized by the European Telecommunications Standards Institute ( ETSI) in 2005, is aimed at interactive multimedia services for mobile devices such as digital broadcasting, digital television and websites. Digital VideoBroadcasting( DVB) and Integrated Service Digital Broadcasting( ISDB) have a comparable claim.

As a transmission infrastructure, Digital Multimedia Broadcast uses the Digital Audio Broadcast( DAB) network, which is supplemented by error correction performed by the receiver. This special error correction technique allows DMB signals to be displayed without errors even at geographically unfavorable reception locations. In addition, Unequal Error Protection( UEP) can be set for each individual program and channel, protecting all those assigned a higher priority. This is especially important for mobile reception, as reception conditions can change constantly.

Samsung mobile device as a receiver for Digital Multimedia Broadcast (DMB).

Samsung mobile device as a receiver for Digital Multimedia Broadcast (DMB).

DMB uses the broadband DAB network for broadcasting and relies on existing mobile networks for the return channel. DMB video signals are encoded in MPEG-4 and transmitted at a rate of over 1 Mbps. This means that about four TV channels can be transmitted via DMB at about 400 kbit/s. In contrast, a DVB-HlinkArticleID= "4699" ArticleURL="H-channel-H-channel" ArticleTitle="H-channel">H-channel can accommodate 25 multimedia programs.

DMB's reception field strength is lower than that of DVB-H, which ultimately translates into longer battery life.

DMB was adopted as an official European standard by ETSI in 2005. There is the version for terrestrial transmission, T-DMB, and for satellite-based, Satellite DMB( S-DMB). DMB also has a high-quality radio service, Visual Radio. In China, there is DMB-T/H, a method for terrestrial transmission of mobile TV( MDTV).

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