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direct time of flight (Lidar) (DToF)

Time-of-flight procedures are procedures in which the distance between the transmitting unit is determined by means of radio technology or a light beam. In addition to the classic ToF method, there are Direct Time of Flight (DToF) and Indirect Time of Flight (IToF).

Both of these methods work with pulsed lasers and are used in automotive lidar systems. The DToF method is better suited for longer distances, the IToF method for shorter ones.

The DToF method uses a pulsed method in which the pulse width of the laser pulse generated by the lidar system can be changed. The distance between the vehicle and the reflecting object, which can be another traffic vehicle, a pedestrian, a road buoy, a tree, a light pole or another obstacle, is determined by the time of flight to the obstacle and back and the speed of light. By reducing the pulse width, reflections are more easily distinguishable and higher file resolution is achieved.

The IToF method is different, comparing the phase of the transmitted signal with the reflected pulse trains to determine the distance. This method can also be used for 3D object creation.

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