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e-mail address

An e-mailaddress is a digital address composed of the identifier, for example the user name, the @ sign, known as a bracket monkey, and the user's host address with country code or top level domain( TLD).

Accordingly, an e-mail address for the user Hans Mustermann, who works on an ITWissen computer in Germany, would look like this: The user ID can consist of numbers, letters as well as dots, whereby the first character must always be a letter and the last must not be a dot. Furthermore, such an identifier may only be a maximum of 255 characters long. If you use the mail service of a provider on the Internet, then the provider is listed as the computer ID:

If you work with provider-independent service providers, the address can look like this: If the user ID is not known, one can contact the company via the host address. The Simple Mail Transfer Protocol( SMTP) then prescribes Postmaster as the user name:

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