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e-mail client

An email client is the software used to create, send, receive, filter, and read emails. InMHS systems, mail clients act as mail user agents( MUA) that transfer the entered messages to the mail server, the mail transfer agent ( MTA), using the Simple Mail Transfer Protocol( SMTP). Email clients can be standalone programs, but they can equally be an integral part or a plug-in ofweb browsers or smartphone browsers.

In addition to the above-mentioned functions of creating, sending, retrieving, filtering and reading, e-mail clients offer a number of additional functions such as forwarding e-mails to additional mail servers, copying in additional recipients as carbon copy( CC) or blind carbon copy( BCC), address management in the address book, sending mass e-mails, automatic confirmation of receipt of e-mails, automatic reply in case of absence, e-mail sent at a specific time, adding attachments with different file formats and many more functions.

E-mail communication between two mail clients via mail server

E-mail communication between two mail clients via mail server

Functionally, email clients receive their emails in the inbox, the inbox where all incoming emails are stored. Mail filters, virus scanners and spam filters filter out the e-mails according to certain criteria, such as advertising mails and spam, and sort the other e-mails according to the date of receipt, according to keywords that appear in the subject or content, or according to the sender, and file them in appropriate trays. Outgoing e-mails are filed in the outbox, the outbox.

There are various e-mail clients. Among the better known are Microsoft Office Outlook, Outlook Express, Windows Live Mail, Mozilla Thunderbird, Apple Mail, Eudora and others.

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