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electronic service (eService)

E-services include all services and activities that are created by means of computers and offered and executed interactively via electronic media, such as the Internet.

E-services can be information and educational services such as e-education, e-learning, e-teaching, e-publishing, e-book, e-zine and e-catalog, procurement, trade and ordering services such as e-business, e-commerce, e-procurement, e-cash, e-shop, e-intermediary, e-auction, cultural and administrative services such as e-culture, e-government or e-vote, improvement of marketing, product or customer relationship services, electronic consulting services such as e-consultancy or e-advising, security-related services(e-security), production-related, scientific or logistical services. E-services will be used in many other applications in the future.

Many of these e-services are also available as mobile services, M-services. These include m-banking, m-business, m-commerce, m-advertising, m-shopping and m-payment.

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