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exabyte (EB)

The logical unit byte is used in data transmission, but mainly for the storage capacity ofstorage media. Since storage capacities are very large, the basic unit byte can no longer be specified in decimal numbers, but is given a prefix.

Generally used byte specifications defined by IEC

Generally used byte specifications defined by IEC

The prefix for 1,024 are the letters K for kilobyte( KB), M for megabyte ( MB), G for gigabyte ( GB), T for terabyte ( TB), P for petabyte ( PB), E for exabyte (EB), Z for zettabyte (ZB) or Y for yottabyte.

Exabyte is the prefix for trillionbytes, corresponding to `10^18`. It corresponds to 1,024 petabytes or over a million terabytes. In the decimal system, 1 exabyte corresponds to `10^18`, an 18- digit number; in the dual system, it is `2^60`.

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