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fast data

Due to the rapidly increasing number of downloads, emails and tweets, but also sensor data, patient data, data from processes and databases, from customers and business partners and so on, the amount of data per time unit is increasing.

Fast Data is about interpreting this data without significant latency, not storing it first to analyze it later. It is about large and largest data volumes, about Big Data with data volumes of megabytes and gigabytes per second or terabytes and petabytes per day. It's about speed, latency and data volumes.

Fast Data ensures that large volumes of data are extracted immediately and get to the right person so they can make decisions in a timely manner. As a result, industrial processes, transactions, valuations, sales strategies, advertising placements, patient monitoring and much more can be controlled and influenced immediately. Later decisions could have uncontrollable consequences.

As a result, Fast Data can become a decisive competitive advantage for production facilities and companies.

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