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ferro liquid crystal display (FLCD)

Ferro Liquid Crystal Display (FLCD) is a liquid memory in which the display is based on ferroelectric liquid crystals. These crystals have bistable properties and are characterized by short switching times.

Ferroelectric liquid displays (FLCD) combine the properties from ordinary liquid crystal with the electrical properties of a thin film transistor. By means of ferroelectricity, these displays can polarize spontaneously and have two switchable states. As with liquid crystal displays ( LCDs ), these are achieved by changing the plane of oscillation of the polarized light that they block or transmit.

FLCD displays have high resolution, short switching times and a wide viewing angle. The high resolution capability is exemplified by an FLCD display measuring 13 x 17 square mm with a resolution of Super-XGA( SXGA), i.e. 1,280 x 1,024 pixels, and this with a color resolution of 24 bits.

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