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fiber to the loop (FTTL)

Fiber to the Loop (FTTL) describes the use of optical fibers in the connection area.

This technology, which is used for broadband applications, is also referred to as Fiber in the Loop, FITL. Depending on the end point of the fiber route, FTTL technology is referred to as Fiber to the Premises( FTTP) when the fiber extends to the property or company premises, Fiber to the Building ( FTTB) when the fiber is routed to the building, Fiber to the Curb ( FTTC) when the fiber is routed to the roadside, Fiber to the Home ( FTTH) when it extends to the house, and Fiber to the Desk ( FTTD) or Fiber to the Terminal ( FTTT) when the fiber is routed to the workplace.

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