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  1. Fingerprint is a checksum method that can be used toverify a key without having to match the entire key. Such a fingerprint is usually done by comparing the hash values.
  2. Fingerprinting is the identification of applications running on a remote web server. Such identifications are made by hackers who plan to attack a web application. For this purpose, they need as much information as possible about the application's underlying infrastructure. Fingerprinting involves sending a request to the server and analyzing its response in detail, as it may already contain the web server software.
  3. In security-related techniques, fingerprinting is used to recognize unique characteristics of data. In this context, the technique of fingerprinting is used in Data Loss Prevention( DLP) for protection against data loss. Even if data is copied and used in a different context, the characteristics remain present and can still be uniquely assigned because fingerprinting does not include the complete text, but text passages.
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