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flash card reader

Memory cards from digital cameras, camcorders, cell phones or navigation devices can be read directly via the USB interface. However, a slow USB version often stands in the way of fast data transfer.

With flash card readers, there is a solution that supports fast data transfer and also various memory card formats. These card readers are available as standalone peripherals, often a card reader for a memorycard is built into personalcomputers. They work with the fast USB 2.0 version and are powered via the USB interface, so they do not need their own power supply.

Flash card reader, photo: Lexar

Flash card reader, photo: Lexar

For operating systems, flash card readers present themselves as mass storage devices and do not require their own drivers. In terms of format diversity, simple flash card readers have slots for two or three memory cards, while others support all common memory cards: Compact Flash Card( CF), MemoryStick( MS), Multimedia Card ( MMC), Secure Digital Card ( SD), Secure Digital Card High Capacity ( SDHC) and Extreme Digital(xD).

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