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Adobe's Flash Player is a multimedia player available for download as free freeware for playing multimedia, streaming video and audio, and Rich Internet Applications( RIA) on the web. Flash players can run directly at the operating system level, as plug-ins on web browsers, or even on mobile devices.

Because Flash Player works as a web browser plug-in, it is possible to play and view Flash video( FLV) embedded on web pages using the web browser. The plug-in version runs on all popular browsers such as Internet Explorer, MozillaFirefox, GoogleChrome OS, Opera, and Safari. It can also play Flash videos in streaming video that are embedded in SWF(Shockwave Flash) files.

Flash Player can run software written in the ActionScriptprogramming language, which can be used to modify the runtime environment of text, data, vector graphics, audio, and video. In addition, Flash Player can be used to access certain hardware components, such as web cameras or microphones.

Desktop and mobile applications can be installed on the various operating systems such as Windows, Linux, Mac OS and on various smartphone operating systems such as Android and iOS through the Adobe Integrated Runtime( AIR).

Flash Player supports various file formats, some of which can only be accessed through ActionScript. Flash Player has a great popularity. It can be downloaded for free from the Internet and is used by all popular video portals, such as YouTube, MyVideo and Sevenload. Flash Player is constantly being developed and is available in a wide variety of versions.

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