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Font or font font is the typeface. It is the complete set of characters, consisting of letters, numerals and characters in a font size with the same characteristic features.

Type fonts were formerly developed by type painters and are grouped into certain typeface groups, all of which have comparable characteristics. There are the Antiqua fonts, which all have serifs. These are the end strokes of each letter, also commonly referred to as feet. Grotesque fonts, which are sans serif fonts, make up another large font group. In addition, there are the script fonts, among others.

Some font and typesetting features in Word

Some font and typesetting features in Word

With their characteristic appearance, type fonts facilitate reading in print or on displays. For example, antiqua fonts, such as Times, Bodoni, or Palatino, are mainly used in newspaper printing and books, whereas grotesque fonts, such as Futura, Hevetica, or Arial, are used for displays. For these applications, special fonts have been developed in the form of Rotis, Lucida and Stone, which improve readability on screens.

Fonts are part of text programs, graphics programs and make-up programs and can be bitmap or vector. Bitmap fonts consist of individual pixels. Since they are very memory-intensive, fonts are often not available in all font sizes. One helps oneself then by scaling.

With vector fonts, each character is described individually and can be scaled to any size with constant resolution. The disadvantage is that they consist of linear vectors and have no roundings. Vector fonts include TrueType fonts, which are available for different platforms. The file extension for TrueType fonts is *.ttf. A combination of the bitmap and vector fonts is the outline fonts. In this technique, developed by Adobe, the curves are created from B├ęzier curves and then filled. Corresponding fonts are available in Postscript, TrueType and OpenType.

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