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functional specification document

A requirements specification is a document in which the tasks that a system or software must fulfill are described in detail. Such a specification contains all the qualitative characteristics required of the product to be developed or produced and forms the basis for contractual agreements between the supplier or software company and the customer.

The tasks and functions of the system, the interfaces to the customer, the type of software development and the schedule are specified in detail in a requirements specification. This also includes the various tests such as the acceptance test. The more precise the specifications, the fewer points of departure there are for disputes.

Requirements specifications are drawn up before the contract is awarded. They are an integral part of the contract and form the contractual summary of all requirements and tasks. The specifications provide bidding companies with a standardized document that makes it possible to compare offers and forms the basis for the subsequent acceptance of equipment, software or systems. The requirements specification is also known as the Customer Requirements Specification( CRS).

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