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geo targeting

Geotargeting is a form of Internet marketing and is carried out on a country- and region-specific basis. The target group is defined on the basis of its geographical location. Internet users can be geographically located based on their IP address and on the basis of IP geo-databases and intelligent evaluation algorithms. In the case of geotargeting of mobile devices, the location is determined via the radio cell or other mobile radio-based location methods.

Geotargeting is used to reach customers at their geographical location with different advertising content. This enables geographical segmentation of target groups and increases the relevance of online advertising via the local significance of the offer, e.g. an online voucher for a restaurant that is only 500 meters away or, in the case of M-couponing, the transmission of a value coupon for shopping in a nearbystore. In addition, search engine advertising can also be used efficiently by regional providers.

Virtual Private Networks( VPN) and proxy servers often prevent the precise localization of Internet users and are thus a serious problem for geotargeting.

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