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graphics software

The term graphics programs is used to refer to a wide variety of graphic application areas. The pallet reaches from programs for presentation graphics over painting and drawing programs, 3D programs up to programs for the photo and picture treatment and imageprocessing.

The orientation of the graphics programs is very application-oriented because of the enormous variety of functions. Thus a program for presentation graphics is functionally limited to the representation of line, circle and bar diagrams. Painting programs are oriented towards the possibilities of an artist. This includes, for example, color mixing, which is different from presentation and is based on the HLS color model. Drawing programs, on the other hand, are constructively oriented. Lines, polygons, circles, ellipses, rectangles with the possibility of filling, gradient, transparency, etc. are the focus of functionality in these programs.

Functions of graphic programs

Functions of graphic programs

The programs for photo and image processing, on the other hand, support the manipulation of colors, retouching work, lighting and shading of models and their photo-realistic output.

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