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hertz (Hz)

Hertz (Hz) is the unit for frequency derived in the System of Units( SI). One hertz corresponds to one complete oscillation cycle per second, i.e. one period duration.

The designation Hertz assumes that it is a periodically recurring oscillation of any signal form. The unit is used for acoustic, electric and electromagnetic oscillations and is provided with prefixes. Kilohertz( kHz), megahertz( MHz), gigahertz( GHz) and terahertz( THz) are generally used.

Frequencies with prefixes

Frequencies with prefixes

In English-speaking countries, the term Cycles per Second( CPS) used to be used to indicate frequency. However, it was replaced by the designation Hertz in the 1960s. The unit Hertz is named after the German physicist Heinrich Rudolf Hertz (1857-1894).

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