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hierarchical file system plus (HFS+)

Hierarchical File System Plus(HFS+) is a further development of the standard file system Hierarchical File System (HFS) for MacIntosh operating systems.

The HFS+ file system was introduced by Apple in 1998 for the Mac operating system and, compared to File Allocation Table( FAT), works with smaller file sizes and has shorter access times to the partitions.

When allocating space, HFS+ first looks for the largest free block of memory where it places the files to be stored. If the space is not enough, the files are fragmented and the rest of the file is written to another memory block. The files are marked with the date of creation, if the files are changed or saved this is also marked by the time.

The HFS+ file system has a size of 16 exbi bytes (19 digits), the largest single file can also have this size. The file name consists of 255 characters.

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