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high fidelity (HiFi)

The abbreviation Hifi stands for High Fidelity and is a quality characteristic for audio reproductions with high fidelity. Fidelity is about reproducing output signals in such a way that they retain the essential characteristics of the input signalr.

After the term HiFi was used relatively unspecified for acoustic devices with high sound quality in the early days of stereo technology, in the 1950s, clear specifications were later established. The term HiFi applies to all devices of acoustic recording and reproduction technology. From the microphone to the various amplifiers to the power amplifiers and the loudspeakers.

TheDIN 45500 standard describes the minimum conditions for acoustic devices and systems with higher reproduction quality. All devices that meet this standard may be called hi-fi devices. For example, it has been determined which frequency range, distortion factor, intermodulation factor, channel equality, etc. the reproduction devices and loudspeakers must possess.

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