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hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI)

A hyper-converged infrastructure, Hyper-Converged Infrastucture(HCI), is a converged infrastructure that is characterized by additional functionality. The vendor abstracts processing, networking and storage resources from the physical hardware and bundles the virtualization software with the CI offerings, Converged Infrastructure (CI).

While Converged Infrastructure is about compatibility and shared management of servers, storage systems and network components, Hyper Converged Infrastructure offers methods that accelerate network traffic, automatically deduplicatedata or support the creation of virtual private networks( VPN). In- memory computing( IMC) is increasingly being used to accelerate computing speeds. Network infrastructures for local area networks and storage networks can also be combined to form converged Fibre Channel over Ethernet( FCoE) and the storage systems of the many servers can be bundled.

Hardware and software are combined and provided with a form factor. They are available as an appliance for specific tasks and are characterized by optimal software distribution, scalability and better energy efficiency.

In the hyper-converged concept, many servers are intelligently connected. Application data from one server is automatically offloaded to one or more other servers without using storage networks. This significantly simplifies management.

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