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hypertext (HT)

Hypertext documents are text files that allow branching (links) to other text documents via specially highlighted keywords (nodes). The nodes of a hypertext document are words or texts. If it concerns multimedia objects, pictures, videos, audios or animations, one speaks of hypermedia documents.

Text documents of hypertexts, which are related to the hypertext document in terms of content, can be accessed directly via the hyperlink, for example by mouse click. Highlighting of such a keyword can be done by color, underlining or a degree of boldness. Hypertext links correspond to cross-references in print encyclopedias.

Hypertext links

Hypertext links

If such a keyword is activated, the program branches to the corresponding text documents via a hyperlink. If the new text document is hypertext-based again, branching can be done again from its keywords.

On the Internet, hypertext is used as a navigation aid for the World Wide Web(WWW), and the Hypertext Transfer Protocol( HTTP) serves as the transfer protocol for the hypertext documents.

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