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iBurst is one of several high-speed mobile technologies for broadband Internet access. Like WiMAX, WiBro, Long Term Evolution( LTE), Ultra Mobile Broadband( UMB) or HiperMAN, it is assigned to the 4th generation of mobile communications systems. All these technologies differ in their approach and application, some only marginally, and thus compete with each other.

All high-speed mobile radio technologies achieve their high data rates through bandwidth optimization, through optimized access and modulation methods, and through antenna arrays and MIMO technology.

As a radio technology, iBurst uses a technique with adaptive antenna arrays, multi- carrier modulation and the multiple access methodHC- SDMA. With these techniques, iBurst achieves high data rates, transmission capacities, high portability, and has broadband Internet access anytime, anywhere. Real-time displays, high-volume downloads and browsing can be realized over this. Within the radio range of a base station, iBurst devices are permanently connected to it. Switching from one radio cell to another is also uninterrupted.

iBurst was developed by the company ArrayComm and High Capacity Spatial Division Multiple Access ( HC-SDMA) was standardized by the Alliance of Telecommunications Industry Solutions (ATIS). It has been available since 2004 in several countries, including the U.S., Canada, some European and several African countries and the Middle East.

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