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Pictograms are icons, they are simple and understandable picture symbols. They can be found in all situations in life, in traffic as traffic signs, in public transport, in buildings where pictograms are used to mark escape routes, toilet facilities, video surveillance, smoking bans or fire extinguishing equipment, and also in entertainment, information and computer technology. Here, icons are used as pictorial symbols in operating systems and application programs or to identify connections and interfaces.

Since symbolism is given a high priority in modern PC technology, there is no application program or operating system that does without icons.

Pictograms in operating and application programs

Pictograms in operating and application programs

The advantage of generally understandable pictograms is that they can be used worldwide and are understood even by those who do not speak the language.

In computer technology, pictograms are used as symbols for application programs and in the application programs, for folder and database systems and for marking interfaces. Just think of the signs forflash memory, hard disks or the connector for a headset. The pictograms of the application programs are displayed on the desktop and make the program selection easier for the user, the pictograms in the application programs support his function selection. In MS Word, for example, he can directly select the font break, or in graphics programs he can decide on the shape, filling and gradients. The function selection is facilitated because the pictograms can be activated. The user can select a specific pictogram, click on it with the mouse pointer and thus call up the desired function.

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