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image processing

Image processing, now increasingly referred to as embedded vision, involves the acquisition, recognition, analysis, storage, image processing, preparation, and output of images, photographs, and other graphic documents using computers.

Image processing consists of image acquisition, actual image processing, and image output. In image acquisition, the image originals are captured using scanners, digital cameras, digitizers or frame grabbers. In subsequent image processing, they are compressed, analyzed and reconstructed before being displayed on monitors via image output or output via color printers and imagesetters. Image processing can improve the quality of images and photographs, compress their data volume, analyze the image content, and prepare them for pattern recognition. Image processing can be used wherever graphics, images, diagrams and photos need to be created, modified, manipulated and data processed. Also, where industrial production is monitored by vision sensors, in the form of pattern recognition, position recognition, object recognition, or position and size recognition.

Stages of image processing

Stages of image processing

The wide range of applications for image processing includes the graphic arts industry, the printing industry with print preparation, publishing, image evaluation, graphic design in the form of design, layout and make-up, and video technology, since image processing encompasses both the area of fixed images and that of moving images. The latter applications may well capture and display 60 frames per second at 4K resolution. So are 3D analyses and virtual reality representations. Industrial HS image processing is supported by various high-speed interfaces for digital cameras. In this context, the USB interfaceUSB3 Vision should be mentioned, as well as CoaxPress, CameraLink and the GigE Vision and 10GigE Vision based on GigabitEthernet and 10GbE.

In the industrial environment, there is machine vision and industrial image processing(machine vision), which is used in many industrial applications but also in automotive technology, traffic and medical technology.

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