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information system (IS)

Information systems(IS) are computer systems that capture, store, evaluate, process and output information. The information can be of any type: operational and strategic, business, organizational, management and control.

Corresponding information systems are geared to the operational requirements of companies and their employees and support them in their operational tasks, which are equally administrative, technical, production-related or other tasks. Information systems also always fulfill a communication task, which is why they are often referred to as systems for information and communication technology( ICT). Communication can refer to networking with other IS systems, but also to the control of production facilities or the output of statistics, controlling or business data.

The many operational areas of application include operational, strategic and administrative tasks. The former include information systems for administration and management, such as management information systems and personnel information systems for managing personnel. Strategic tasks exist in marketing, procurement and sales planning, and logistics, among many other areas.

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