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Information is a resource that forms the content and meaning of a message. It can be in textual, graphic or audiovisual form and can flow into other processes by means of information processing.

Information can be statements, facts and opinions that are spoken by people and passed on to third parties directly or by means of technical media. In addition to natural language, which is used in communication between people, information can be conveyed by facial expressions, gestures and haptics. As for the technical media with which information is captured, processed, stored and output, these are technical devices for digitization, central processing units, computers, mainmemories, storage systems, printers, displays and many other components.

Information does not contain irrelevant or redundant parts. In terms of information technology, it contains knowledge about functions, working methods, procedures, processes and operations. This knowledge resource is used in modern companies for the realization of strategic company goals and is incorporated into existing and new applications by information processing and information management.

Conversion of an information into digital data

Conversion of an information into digital data

Information can be represented by data and stored on data carriers, processed in computers and output through output devices. On the other hand, information can be reproduced from data if it can be interpreted appropriately.

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