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instruction set

An instruction set is the set of all instructions that a microprocessor can execute. It is an important criterion for the performance of a microprocessor.

An instruction set can be divided into arithmetic and logic instructions, jump instructions, transfer instructions, increment and decrement instructions, input and output instructions, and special instructions.

Examples of different instructions

Examples of different instructions

Arithmetic and logic instructions include all instructions that serve data manipulation such as addition, subtraction, multiplication and division as well as logical operations using AND gates, OR gates and XOR. Furthermore, the instructions include the shifting of a bit value in a shift register or the rotation.

Transfer instructions include all instructions to transport or copy data from one register to another. They are load and store instructions for copyingrecords between external memories and internal registers and stack memories.

The jump commands are used for branching programs and calling subroutines and interrupts that are to be continued at another location specified in the jump command.

A distinction is made between normal verbose instruction sets, the Complex Instruction Set Computer( CISC), those with reduced instructions, the Reduced Instruction Set Computer( RISC) and those with virtual instruction sets, the Virtual Instruction Set Computing( VISC).

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