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intelligent edge

Intelligent Edge is a network concept for Next Generation Networks( NGN) in which the "intelligence" is moved to the connection area. Intelligent Edge stands for broadband and mobility and forms the cornerstone in all- IP networks with their deliverable IP services and supported functionalities. It supports service mobility between the core and access networks.

One of the central components in NGN networks is the intelligent edge router, which combines high connectivity functionality. The intelligent edge router provides functionality for the higher layers up to the application layer, as required in the access network for application services, and it transforms the connectivity functions to the existing networks.

As far as application services are concerned, with the Intelligent Edge these are realized in the access network, in which the desired services are identified in the data packet with tags. To enable the network operator to bill the content and services on a subscriber-specific basis, the Intelligent Edge concept recognizes the Subscription Manager. This network component can be used to bill services and content on a differentiated basis according to data volume and content.

Another aspect of the intelligent edge is new connection variants for mobile devices, such as those already implemented in IP networks. One example is true peer-to-peer networks between two mobile subscribers.

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