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knowledge broker

The function of a broker is that of a broker who mediates between several instances. A knowledge broker is thus a "knowledge intermediary." It can be a person or an organization that mediates between the owner of the knowledge and organizations and companies that are interested in the knowledge. A knowledge broker or content broker knows ways to place the knowledge in the market and find interested parties for it.

Owners of the knowledge are researchers, developers, system integrators or authors, i.e. people who have the knowledge. They make the knowledge available to interested parties for their own purposes via the knowledge broker. They offer it to companies, institutions or individuals so that they can make their websites more informative.

The task of knowledge brokers is therefore knowledge transfer. They ensure that knowledge is transferred from the knowledge source to where it is needed and in demand. Furthermore, they provide access to the knowledge, the linking of different knowledge pools and the implementation of the knowledge into the new website or presentation. In addition, knowledge brokers negotiate the usage agreements and prices and monitor compliance with them.

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