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laser projector

Laser projectors are high performance projectors for large screen projections and also for home cinema. All flat and uneven surfaces and also bodies serve as projection surfaces.

In terms of construction, laser projectors consist of a modulation unit with three solid-state lasers for the primary colorsred (R), green (G) and blue (B). In an acousto-optic modulator, the laser beams are modulated with the three signals of the primary colors and combined into one beam via dichroic filters. This is transmitted via an optical waveguide to the actual projection unit. A mirror mechanically controlled with the line and image synchronization pulses, a so-called polygon scanner, deflects the laser beam line by line; at the same time, another mirror system provides the image- synchronous deflection in the vertical direction.

Laser projector, photo:

Laser projector, photo:

The advantages of these laser-basedprojectors are the high brightness, the enormous contrast of up to 1,000:1 and the possibility to project images and videos on flat and uneven surfaces and bodies.

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