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The term link is used for physical and logical connections of communication devices and networks, but also for the semantic and syntactic connection of text documents and multimedia documents.

  1. Intelecommunications, a link represents a physical telecommunication connection through which it connects networks, partner-coupled computers, or web pages.
  2. If the link is made between two or more networks, it is called an internetworking link. Such a link uses various internetworking components such as bridges, routers, gateways or switches. Gateways or switches.
  3. In structured cabling, a link is understood to be the complete cabling route, i.e. the connection of the floor cabling, from the floor distributor to the data socket.
    Definition of link, permanent link and channel

    Definition of link, permanent link and channel

    Included are the patch field, the floor cable and the data socket. If fiber optic cables are used, the link includes the splice box, the FO cable and the data outlet. In order to be able to evaluate the transmission behavior of a link, the links are specified in so-called link classes. This class specification ends with the data outlet. In connection with the new categories 6 and 7, a permanent link is also defined for the first time, which is referred to as an installation link. The specification for the permanent link goes beyond the previous link specifications in that it includes the patch cable and the connecting cable in the specifications.
  4. On the World Wide Web(WWW) or other electronic media, a link or hyperlink is a link between documents, as is the case with hypertext and hypermedia, for example. These links are also referred to as anchors or, if the link points from an external website to one's own website, as an inbound link or backlink, and in the opposite direction as an outbound link.
    The different link variants

    The different link variants

    Furthermore, there are the permalink, absolute links and relative links, internal, external and reciprocal links, deep links, surface links, text links and sponsored links. In addition to the aforementioned links, there are the trackback and pingback, which indicate to the reader or blogger that the weblog entry is linked to another website. The latter two links are referred to as pingbacks and trackbacks.
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