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link popularity

Insearch engine optimization(SEO), the number of external links to a website, i.e. inbound links, plays an important role. In addition to the quantity of inbound links, their quality is also crucial for the evaluation of one's own website.

The more links point to a website and thus recommend it, and the higher its ranking index, the more significant the corresponding website is. While the quantity of links is called link popularity, the quality of links is about domain popularity. If the corresponding website has a high topic-specific relevance, this is also referred to as authority.

The corresponding website thus has a higher link popularity, which is included in its ranking index. In search engine optimization, however, not only the external links are evaluated, but also the internal ones. The internal link popularity is mainly about the topic relevance of the internal links. When setting up new websites, it is possible to make them known via FFA pages, Free For All, or via other link lists and thus increase the link density.

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