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local operating network (fieldbus) (LON)

The Local Operating Network (LON) is a field bus developed by the company Echelon, Palo Alto, for manufacturing control, but it has found its way into building automation. LON technology works with self-sufficient, intelligent network nodes, which in the LON concept are called Neuron processors and have a globally unique ID number, the NeuronID.

The transmission in the LON field bus can take place via twisted TP cables, coaxial cables or power cables, or wirelessly via radio. The topology is free, equally bustopologies, star topologies and line topologies can be connected. The data rate depends on the transmission medium and ranges from 10 kbit/s for power cables up to 1.2 Mbit/s.

A network segment can contain up to 64 network nodes. For larger LON network configurations, individual network segments can be interconnected via repeaters or routers.

Since fieldbuses must have a predictable delay time, the LON fieldbus uses a deterministic variant of CSMA, but not CSMA/ CD, the stochastic access method ofEthernet.

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