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The term mapping is used in various network and protocol techniques, but also in computer graphics. Mapping is the conversion of two different address spaces. Thereby the data of one address space is mapped in a second address space.

  1. In protocol technology, mapping is the assignment of data from two different fields, memory areas or protocols to each other. A typical example is address mapping, where program addresses are converted into hardware addresses and stored in the main memory, or the conversion of addresses of one protocol into those of another.
  2. The term protocol mapping is used in Fibre Channel, among others, and describes the mapping of an application protocol such as Internet Small ComputerSystem Interface over IP( iSCSI), Small Computer System Interface( SCSI), Intelligent Peripheral Interface ( IPI), High Performance Parallel Interface ( HIPPI) or Single Byte Command Code Set( SBCCS) to the transport protocols of the FC layers FC-2 and FC-3. In Next Generation Networks( NGN), protocol mapping can mean from the transmission of data packets from ISDN User Part ( ISUP) to that of Session Initiation Protocol( SIP).
  3. In ATM, mapping is the embedding of the cell stream into the underlying SDH hierarchy; the precise fitting of the ATM cells into the SDH containers.
  4. For ISDN, mapping is the assignment of a multiple subscriber number( MSN) to a terminal equipment selection digit(EAZ).
  5. In vector graphics, mapping is the conversion of coordinate points of one coordinate system to coordinate points of another system. This mapping can occur when converting a three-dimensional graphic to a two-dimensional one.
  6. Texture mapping, like projection mapping, is a mapping technique in which one-, two- and three-dimensional textures or graphic projections are projected onto the surface of flat and arbitrarily curved bodies. This technique can be used to reproduce an arbitrarily textured surface on the bodies. Comparable to texture mapping is bump mapping, in which surface textures are projected onto a flat surface instead of textures.
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