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meshed topology

The meshed structure, meshed topology, is a variant, extremely flexible topology that is used in wide- area networks, radio networks, sensor networks, mesh networks( WMN) and in self-organizing networks, self-organized networks( SON).

In meshed networks, there are many autonomous nodes that decide the physical layer connections and logical layer routing. Therefore, meshed structures do not have a fixed topology. It depends on certain parameters such as the cost, the data transmission rateor the quality of service and the traffic volume.

In terms of the basic concept, there are several basic structures: the fully meshed structure and the partially meshed structure. In addition, other structures such as the star mesh topology have been formed in mesh networks. In the fully meshed structure, each node and each endpoint has at least two connections to a neighboring node or endpoint. This ensures routing redundancy at the network edges. Each node in a fully meshed topology has the same routing capabilities and knows the neighboring nodes with which it can communicate, their proximity to the network gateway, and their traffic loads. It is different in partially meshed structures. In this topology, some endpoints are only connected through one link. the endpoints do not have any redundancy.

Meshed topologies

Meshed topologies

The star mesh has redundant routing in the core network and a star topology at the edges. In this network configuration, which is used in IEEE 802.15.4 radio networks and ZigBee, among others, there are Full Function Devices( FFD) and Reduced Function Devices( RFD), which are the ZigBee end devices. The routers of a Star mesh are FFD components and support routing. The RFD components are installed at the network edge and have limited functionality. Redundancy is only present in the core area.

The meshed structure has the advantage that alternative routes can be used in the event of high traffic volumes or line interruptions between the nodes. The nodes are self-sufficient and decide independently on route selection according to predefined algorithms.

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