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message digest (MD)

Message Digest(MD) is a cryptographic hash function based on one-way transmission using a hash function and a key. It is also referred to as one-way encryption.

The MD algorithm consists of a series of byte-orientedalgorithms and produces a hash value of 128 bits. MD algorithms ensure the integrity of the message and serve as a digital fingerprint with which the data or text is protected. Changes, modifications and manipulations of the message content are detected directly. Due to the cryptographic MD protocols, encrypted text or data cannot be converted back to plaintext.

There are several MD protocols that differ in security and are designed for specific computers - 8-bit and 32-bit computers: MD2, MD4, MD5 and MD6, all of which were developed by Ronald L. Rivest. The MD algorithms are used, for example, in operating systems to encrypt passwords.

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