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mini PCI express (MiniPCIe)

Mini PCI Express (MiniPCIe) is a plug-in card format used for solid-state drives( SSD) on motherboards with ITX form factor. Such motherboards are used in notebooks or netbooks. MiniPCIe is a miniature format that is half the size of a mini PCI card and replaces it.

MiniPCIe with SSD memory of 32 GB, photo:

MiniPCIe with SSD memory of 32 GB, photo:

The MiniPCIe card has a contact strip with a notch and 52 contacts, in contrast, the Mini PCI card has 100 contacts.

The MiniPCIe is 30 mm wide and has a length of 32 mm in half-size, 56 or 70 mm in full-size. The MiniPCIe slot can also be occupied by a radio module for WLANs or Bluetooth. The Mini PCIe card works with a serial bus with a data rate of 2.5 Gbit/s.

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